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Distributors Page

NOTE: Distributor Identity verification is required before we accept your payment. We only accept distributor orders who applied through us under our area of responsibility.

If you buy from any Frontrow Office, bring a valid ID and your Business Distributor Information Sheet. Please secure receipts from the cashier with your name on it.

Frontrow Products Pricelist

Product Distributor  (PHP) SRP (PHP)
Luxxe White 60 Capsules 1,490.00 2,980.00
Luxxe Renew 60 Capsules 1,490.00 2,980.00
Luxxe Slim 60 Capsules 1,490.00 2,980.00
Luxxe Protect 30 Capsules 500.00 1,000.00
Luxxe Reveal InstaBright Bodycreme 1,320.00 -
Dynamic Duo (DD) Stick  1,390.00 -
Frontrow 01 Skin Whitening Bar 120.00 240.00
Frontrow 02 Oatmeal Exfoliant Bar 120.00 240.00
Frontrow 03 Orange Papaya Bar 120.00 240.00