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Why Luxxe White® Enhanced Glutathione?

It's a multi-awarded Enhanced Type of Glutathione, not reduced or L-Type--a cheapo glutathione that's least absorbed. Enhanced Glutathione is fast absorbed, you should start seeing results in 2 weeks. It is as potent as IV (injection) type of glutathione without its associated risk.

Luxxe White® Enhanced Glutathione works its way out in cleansing your liver, kidney and skin cells while removing toxins through perspiration and urination. The result is whitening and clearing of skin from acne and pigmentation. You'll have glower pinkish white in weeks.

Luxxe White® Enhanced Glutathione is used by famous celebrities and sports figures for beauty and health boosts.

 Miss Universe 2015, 2016 and 2017

Actors James Reid and Cristine Reyes

Luxxe White® Enhanced Glutathione and other Luxxe Supplements and Frontrow products are recipients of prestigious award-giving bodies for its safety, efficacy, and quality. Luxxe Supplements are made by AIE Pharmaceuticals USA and is certified by US FDA and BFAD with the seal of GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes). It's guaranteed safe and effective. 

 Luxxe White FDA

How much does it cost in Sri Lankan Rupees?  

We maintain a uniform pricing policy. Simply convert our SRP to your currency. For example, Luxxe White® Enhanced Glutathione 60 Capsules costs PHP 2,980.00, therefore, it's LKR 8,892.00 before shipping. To save on shipping, buy at least 4 to 8 bottles to distribute its costs since our shipping rates are based on weight therefore the more you order, the more you save.

Sri Lanka Shipping Cost

If you buy 8 bottles, the landed cost for Luxxe White 60 Capsules is PHP 3,305 or LKR 9,862. That's great savings!

But here's a better deal. Buy our Frontrow International Gold Package for PHP 12,800, it contains FREE 2 bottles of Luxxe White 60 Capsules, 2 bottles of Luxxe Protect Grapeseed 30 Capsules and Frontrow 01 Soap (LKR 24,000.00 Value). Inclusive of SHIPPING (DHL Express 2 to 5 Days). You will receive a lifetime 50% discount code for your next and future purchases.

How does it benefit you? Your acquisition cost of Luxxe White 60 Capsules will now be PHP 1,490.00 or LKR 4,446! Whats not to love about this offer? Luxxe White and other Luxxe supplement is quite popular right now in Sri Lanka. You can make money by reselling.